Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola slams European Super League: ‘It’s not a sport if it doesn’t matter if you lose’

Pep Guardiola has slammed the European Super League and its anti-competition nature.

The Manchester City boss, whose side is one of six English Premier League clubs to comit to the controversial breakaway competition, said it’s “not a sport”.

“These teams have been selected, I don’t know why,” said the frustrated-looking Spaniard during a press conference. “Sport is not a sport when the relationship between the effort and success, the effort and reward, don’t exist. It’s not a sport if the success is already guaranteed. It’s not a sport if it doesn’t matter if you lose,” he continued.

Guardiola, whose team is top of the EPL this season and is in the Uefa Champions League semifinals, added that he’s always been a proponent of building the “strongest possible [existing] competition, especially the Premier League.”

Though he said he does not much information about the Super League, he called it unfair and called out issues with allowing a handful of teams to qualify while the remaining 12 have permanent spots.

“It’s not fair when one team fight, fight, fight, arrive in the top, and after cannot be qualified because the success is already guaranteed just for few clubs. This statement is what I feel,” said Guardiola. “This is not a sport, this is another issue.”

Man City are set to play Aston Villa away on Wednesday. They face PSG away on April 28 in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals.

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