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Ramadan 2021: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to postpone 1-month loan installment for retail clients

Dubai: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is postponing one monthly installment for eligible retail customers at no fees or extra charges. The bank said the move aims to provide customers with “cashflow relief” during Ramadan, which is known to be a month of higher spending, as well as support customers in terms of better managing their mid- to long-term financial commitments.

The offer is valid for installments due between April 11 and May 10. “The last 12 months has been very challenging for many families and we want to help each and every one of our customers with their finances, whether through delivering new products and services that alleviate their current situation or by helping them in managing their financial needs more efficiently,” said Philip King, Global Head of Retail at ADIB.

Eligible customers will be contacted via SMS with an option to postpone their installments.