Real Madrid: Bus window smashed ahead of Champions League quarterfinal clash against Liverpool in Anfield

Liverpool has apologised for “any distress caused” after fans smashed a window on Real Madrid’s team bus ahead of their quarterfinal match on Wednesday.

This, hours before the Spanish side knocked the Reds out of the competition in a goalless draw, with a 3-1 score on aggregate.

Police say hundreds of fans had gathered around the team busses before the game for a chance to meet players, despite spectators being banned inside the venue due to pandemic guidelines.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, but Liverpool has come out strongly condemning those involved in the incident, and police are now investigating the matter.

“We condemn unequivocally the actions that led to Real Madrid’s team bus being damaged during its arrival to Anfield this evening,” said the Reds in a statement.

“It is totally unacceptable and shameful behavior of a few individuals. We sincerely apologize to our visitors for any distress caused. We will work together with Merseyside Police to establish the facts and identify those responsible.’’

Liverpool fans are seen outside the stadium before the Champions League quarterfinal against Real Madrid. Image Credit: Reuters

The police released their own statement on the matter.

“We can confirm an investigation is under way after damage was caused to the Real Madrid team bus this evening,” said the chief superintendent, Zoe Thornton.

“Despite the advice to avoid attending the ground, approximately 400 people attended Anfield Road and as coaches approached a number of items were thrown at the Real Madrid team bus. We are aware of images which show the outer pane of the lead coach window being damaged, the glass did not break through and there are no reported injuries.

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