Sharjah company Aries makes first 'salary' payment to staff's wife

Dubai: One UAE homemaker has just got her first ‘salary’.

Deepa Prabhiraj received hers on March 28 from Aries Group, a company which is into marine engineering services and headquartered in Sharjah. Now, Deepa does not do any work directly at Aries, but is married to Prabhiraj Natarajan, the Managing Director.

But she has been enrolled on the company payroll as part of the Group’s recent decision to pay a monthly sum to employees’ wives who do not have a job or prefer to remain a homemaker. Aries currently employs nearly 1,000 at its UAE operations.

This move was recently announced by Dr. Sohan Roy, Chairman and CEO, and with the stated purpose of being the first company to ‘recognise the significance of homemakers’.

Now, certain conditions will apply – only housewives of employees who have been with the company for more than three years after marriage are entitled. If they meet the condition, they receive 25 per cent of the employee's income as ‘salary’.

"Many companies are still facing tough times due to the pandemic," said Roy. "But with the consistent efforts of employees, we have overcome the situation and recognized by companies, including Aramco in Saudi Arabia." 

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