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Emirates temporarily suspends flights from Vietnam after government directive

Dubai: Emirates airline has suspended flights from Vietnam’s Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Dubai until further notice.

The ban, which came into effect at 23:59 hours on June 5, was announced after National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority and Civil Aviation Authority temporarily suspended the entry of passengers from Vietnam.

The decision exempts transit flights coming to the UAE and flights departing to Vietnam, as well as cargo flights.

The following categories of passengers will be exempt for travel to Dubai:

1) UAE nationals and their first degree relatives arriving from Vietnam;

2) Members of diplomatic missions from both countries;

3) Holders of UAE Golden and Silver Visas;

4) Officials and those passengers exempted and/or granted permission to enter UAE by the appropriate authorities.

5) Passengers who have completed 28 days, after being fully vaccinated for COVID 19 (Coronavirus SARS Cov 2) with a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Emirates said that customers need not call the airline if they choose to keep their ticket for future flights. For rebooking, guests should contact their travel agent or booking office.