Dubai’s Emirates awaiting UAE Government’s go-ahead to restart India flights: Adel Al Redha

Dubai: Emirates airline said resumption of flights from India and Pakistan is subject to a UAE “government review” and that the carrier will wait for authorities to make a decision.

“The routes are a subject of government review and the development of the situations in these countries,” said Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer, during a media briefing. “The government and command-and-control centres are continuously reviewing their development and the protocols that are required. We will wait to see what is coming out from the government, but there is a constant review of the development and the spread of the virus.”

UAE has suspended inbound flights from India and Pakistan until July 21 due to a surge in the new ‘Delta’ variant of the COVID-19 virus. Passengers who have connected through India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka in the last 14 days will not be accepted to travel from any other point to the UAE. UAE Nationals, holders of UAE Golden Visas, and members of diplomatic missions who comply with updated COVID-19 protocols are exempt and may be accepted for travel.

The date for the resumption of travel has now been postponed several times from the Delta plus variant, which has been found in 12 states in India and has sparked real concerns of a third wave. The World Health Organisation says the latest variant spreads even faster and binds more easily to lung cells.

Al Redha said Emirates was “closely monitoring” the situation as the Delta variant spreads to different countries. “There is more proof that certain vaccines are able to deal with the variant in an effective manner.”

The executive said that there was high demand for travel and that people are keen to board flights when restrictions are removed.

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